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Dec-K-ing (PVC) Waterproofing Membrane

Viking's DEC-K-ING is an all-in-one aesthetic, slip resistant waterproofing membrane for decks, providing the ultimate underfoot finish and waterproofing to any deck.

Originally developed in the marine industry for boat platforms, this membrane's sheets are spliced using heat weldable technology for the ultimate in waterproofing integrity and its reinforced PVC mesh makes it possibly the most robust deck membrane on the market; especially from puncture and tear resistance perspectives.

The Viking DEC-K-ING waterproof membrane offers an anti-slip (embossed) surface enhancing traction underfoot when wet and its surface provides more comfort under bare feet in hot conditions than other deck surfaces.

A Viking DEC-K-ING membrane is a slip-resistant; attractive all-inclusive finished waterproofing solution.

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