Our Products

We are approved, quality-assured, licensed and affordable applicators for a number of waterproofing materials and their suppliers.

Rubber Membranes

For low-slope roof overlays and/or applying to rough substrates which handles tough conditions.

Torch On Bitumen Membranes

Designed for the most challenging of above and below-ground waterproofing applications.

TPO Membranes

A roofing membrane that is faster and easier to install yet offers outstanding resistance to weathering, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and a whole wide variety of industrial chemicals.

Dec-K-ing PVC

An all-in-one aesthetic, slip resistant waterproofing membrane for decks, providing the ultimate underfoot finish and waterproofing to any deck.

Warm Roof Systems

A very attractive and effective waterproofing system which can be installed over any substrate allowing the designer or owner to manipulate the pitch of their roof if necessary.


Liquid-Applied Membranes

A substrate versatile product which can also serve as a "tight-corner" compound for other applications such as TPO or Butynol where the working space is too narrow for proper membrane placement.

Tanking: Volclay

An extremely durable product which does not require site concrete and can be laid directly onto clay, sand or compacted hardfill as well as additional benefits.