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Volclay Voltex

Volclay Voltex is a highly effective waterproofing composite comprised of two polypropylene geotextiles and a minimum of 1.10 pound of sodium bentonite per square foot.


It is an extremely durable product which does not require site concrete and can be laid directly onto clay, sand or compacted hardfill. Steel work or reo can be laid directly on top of the Voltex and does not require any protection. The Voltex bonds itself to the concrete and becomes a permanent part of the slab and walls, also assisting in keeping moisture in the concrete and improving curing properties of slab or walls.


Also available is Voltex DS for contaminated soil and Voltex SWR for salt water contaminated sites.


Application: Under floor slabs and floorings, lift pit base and walls, precast panels at the precast yard, shotcrete retention walls and underpinning of existing buildings.



1. Branz appraised - Appraisal No.507 [2012]

2. Can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications

3. As the membrane is needle punched you will not experience slumpage or loss of Bentonite, unlike other Bentonite membrane

4. Installation of Voltex is fast and easy. Simply place into position and secure with mechanical fasteners.

5. The swelling action of Voltex can self-seal small concrete cracks caused by ground settlement, concrete shrinkage, or seismic action; problems over which there is normally no control

6. Can be applied in wet conditions - Voltex can be installed to uncured concrete and in virtually any weather making it ideal for waterproofing under slab and at property line applications

7. Voltex can be installed directly over a properly prepared substrate without the need of a concrete mud slab

8. Can cope with ponded water for a number of days

9. Durable enough to drive vehicles over

10. Meets New Zealand Building Code durability requirement of 50 years

11. Suitable for contaminated and saltwater sites

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Volclay Swelltite

Volclay Swelltite is a sheet membrane product used predominantly on block walls, precast panels and tunnel roofs. It is a dual waterproofing composite that combines the strength and puncture resistance of a geomembrane liner with the proven active waterproofing of sodium bentonite.

Swelltite is designed for waterproofing below-grade vertical and horizontal structural surfaces, as well as, above grade split-slab construction used with plaza areas, parking garages and sports stadiums. Swelltite is excellent for below-grade masonry block walls and cut-and-cover tunnels.

  • Split-slab Construction

  • Cut & Cover Tunnels

  • Masonry Block Foundation Walls

  • Concrete Foundation Walls

  • Earth-covered Structures

Application: Concrete block walls, podium and plaza decks, concrete precast panels, split slab construction, carpark and basement roofs, planters and garden roofs.

When confined under pressure the swell is controlled, forming a dense, impervious waterproofing membrane. The swelling action of the bentonite compound can seal small concrete cracks caused by ground settlement, concrete shrinkage, or seismic action; problem over which there is normally no control.

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Advantages of Using Volclay Swelltite® and Voltex®

1. Volclay can be laid or attached to green concrete as soon as the forms are stripped

2. Volclay can be laid or attached in inclement weather. As a result, there is no waiting for the concrete to dry after rain

3. Volclay can be nailed directly to clay, concrete, wood

4. Volclay can be easily joined at difficult junctions

5. Volclay is easily overlapped at junctions where pours are delayed for up to 7-10 days

6. Volclay is a single source waterproofing system with all the accesssories fully tested, the system provides the complete waterproofing system for total encapsulation

7. Voltex used under a slab bonds to the conrete and expands when water is present making water migration underslab impossible

8. Voltex keeps moisture in the concrete making for more complete curing

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