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Our Services

- Your Trusted Specialists -

We understand the importance of our clients and make it our job to ensure they are completely satisfied with the work provided.

Our team consists of task-driven, focused staff who complete projects in a timely manner.

Here at DVK, we are focused on safeguarding and protecting your most valued asset.

Browse through the list of our services below, and get in touch for a free estimate today.

Roofing and Waterproofing

Quality Assured

We specialise in the installation of new waterproofing membranes to both commercial and residential buildings; new and existing. 


  • Membrane Roofs

  • Membrane Decks

  • Below Ground Tanking

  • Internal Gutters and;

  • Other Flat Areas


Please have a read through our products section above or click here to continue reading more about this service. 


A Lasting Impact

We are able to provide a warm roof system which we can use to manipulate the fall of a roof to the standard requirement. This maximises water drainage and provides an additional layer of insulation above the substrate.

It is a system which optimises energy efficiency in flat roof properties - who doesn't love that?

Over the years, we have achieved cost effective solutions at a high standard to avoid any serious reconstruction to New Zealand homes with this system.

Read more here.


Efficient & Reliable

Tanking provides a secure and dry environment under the soil for the foundation of buildings.

As basement waterproofing systems are normally inaccessible for repairs and extremely costly to modify, we only take on new build tanking jobs.


We offer Peel & Stick (self-adhering membranes), Bentonite Membranes and Bitumen torch on.


We are more than happy to advise which membrane is most suitable when giving our free quote or inspection.

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Quality Workmanship


  • Plasterboard Fixing

  • Stopping

  • Painting and;

  • Carpet Laying


Now you can come to us for both your external waterproofing and/or interior construction needs for any of your renovations or new builds. 

Read more here and get in touch with us today.

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